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All events are Free. Everyone is welcome. There is no need to book.

Summer-Autumn 2017 Meetings and Events

Meditation sessions Meditation sessions continue throughout the year every Tuesday at 7pm at Shanti Sadan.

Talks on the traditional teachings with spiritual practices, at Shanti Sadan, every Thursday at 7pm from 19 October to 23 November 2017.

Afternoon course with talks and meditations, Saturday 14 October 2017.


Weekly Meditation Practice Meetings
Every Tuesday 7pm throughout the year at Shanti Sadan (Directions)

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These are guided meditation sessions, suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

Each session includes a complete set of traditional meditation practices which we can learn about a take up regularly for ourselves.

This kind of regular meditation practice is the best way of find out in practice about the meaning of the non-dual teachings.

They help us to learn essential life-skills like relaxation and concentration. And then they open up the possibility of discovering what lies above and behind the surface of the mind, the perfection and wholeness of our true Self.


Talks with Spiritual Practices
Every Thursday 7pm October 19 to November 23 at Shanti Sadan (Directions)

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These are talks, on the teachings of non-duality. To understand the essential ideas is a great practical help with our meditations.

The talks are also about the way these teachings connect with life, art, learning and all the world's wisdom traditions.

Included in the talks are short periods of meditation practice.

Thurs Oct 19 A New Way of Seeing and Being
Thurs Oct 26 Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8: The Most Important Question of All
Thurs Nov 2 The Inner Temple
Thurs Nov 9 Sacred Art: Reconciling the Contradictions
Thurs Nov 16 Krishna's Water Music
Thurs Nov 23 Light from the Upanishads


Autumn 2017 Afternoon Course
Saturday 14 October 2017 1.30-4.30pm
Library of Birmingham (Meeting Room Suite, First Floor)
Centenary Square, Birmingham B1 2ND (map)

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The meeting will be in three parts.

First will be a talk on the foundations of the non-dual teachings. How we are more than our minds, which means that we can step back from our minds and radically improve the condition of our inner world. And then we can discover the deeper and higher levels of our being which open up new dimensions of freedom and well-being.

Next will be a guided meditation session, with meditation practices from the authentic non-dual teaching schools. These include breathing exercises, visualisations, and meditation on a text expressing the truth within us that is not affected by any mental limitations. These are practices that we can take up regularly for ourselves.

Then there will be a further talk on the goal of the non-dual teachings, which is to discover in direct experience the true nature of our own being, which is at one with the universal being in all. Here lies the possibility of freedom from fear and complete inner fulfilment. The talk will lead into a further practical session of meditation in the light of the higher teachings.

There will be a break with refreshments after the first meditation practice, and a bookstall will be open throughout.

Talk 1: How to be Inwardly Rich
Guided Meditation Practice
Break and refreshments
Talk 2: Realise What You Are
with further guided meditation practice


All events are Free. Everyone is welcome. There is no need to book.